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Private Diary of A Priest. OK, so we're not all angels...Everyone needs a place to get things off their chest! And yes, I do talk to God about it all! Even He has a sense of humour! Want proof? Well, he made me, didn't He? Oh, one last thought-If you don't like what I've written, please keep in mind - it's MY diary. Go write your own!

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I've been serving children in crisis for over twenty five years. My goals are not to raise money, but to find organisations and individuals who can help change lives! What may be outdated equipment for you could change the life of a child in Eastern Europe! To learn more please visit our site at:


Big World Small Boat

I've had so many journeys in my life. And I've amassed riches beyond belief. That wealth has come from experiences good, and sometimes not so good, and from private moments when that little 'twang' goes off in your head when all the pieces fall into place.

I needed a more 'private' place to stick my notes and rantings...that's what my daughter calls it when I go off on one of my loquacious tangents to save the world - a place where I can ask questions and where approriate, give myself answers.

As you grow older in life you become less afraid of what others will think, in fact you get to a point where you really don't care what others think. That can be a form of Nirvana.

In youth we fight to discover who we are. As young adults we don't realise that we've become what society wants us to be. Later on, when the pulsating flames have been replaced by glowing embers, we're able to see more clearly and with better definition who we've become.

For some, it's too much to bear. For others, it's a blessing!

Thank God!


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