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The Book In The Attic

You would have thought I had asthma. I nervously inhaled several times and my pulse quickened as my son rummaged through the attic for me. I have good reason to be nervous when he’s up there. Heaven knows I have good reason! Six months ago I created a new access point to the attic when I fell through the ceiling. Believe me, it wasn’t a pretty sight!

I wanted him to find a book for me. Considering our attic, that’s not far from asking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Kudos to Willem though, he deftly moved among the rafters and extracted the exact book I wanted from beneath layers of Christmas ornaments, general khazeray and dust.

For anyone under the age of 16 who may be reading this, a ‘book’ is something that people used during the Neolithic Age for learning, or the conveyance of information.

And it was the book I used for writing to my daughter Mary, when she was first born. I’ve written to both my children all their lives. I still do. Poor souls.

The book contains nothing spectacular; it’s just one of many now. And it contains thoughts that I wanted to save for her, or observations I had during different times of her life. Today is Mary’s birthday and I thought it would be nice to see where my thoughts were on the day she was born.

Although the dust critters have done a rather good job on the cover of her first book, the contents still leap out at me as if they had been freshly written.

This child is not my child
She is God’s gift and God’s charge
I may give her my love and share my experiences
But she will mould her own life
with my guidance

For the moment we rejoice in the birth of our children
God has danced with us and we have all joined hands

I shall celebrate, sing, and nurture your soul
for it is the greatest responsibility of my life

Miss Mary, God has danced with you
Always follow in His footsteps
And you will always hear His music

Happy birthday sweetheart. May you continue to hear His music for the rest of your life!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your children are blessed to have you as their earthly father. When our first grandchild was born, my husband and I were down the hall listening to what was going on. Our daughter was taken into surgery for an emergency C-section. When we heard the first cry of our granddaughter we loved her instantly before we even layed eyes on her. She is now a freshman at the University of Utah.
We love our children and grandchildren dearly. I hope that your son has fully recovered from the terrible beating that he suffered last year.
I look forward to reading your next entry onto your blog. You are a good man. Your congregation is also blessed to have you as their Father.
Your friend in SLC Julie R

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't directly know me but I know of you. Recently several of us saw you and your daughter having lunch together on Park Lane. It is clear to see why you are so proud of her and she of you. The two of you reminded may husband and I of what it means to be loving and guiding parents. I hope this doesn't embarrass you. I just wanted you to know. She adores you as much as you adore her. God bless you for all you do for your children both here and in Moldova. PK


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