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Airline Survey, Who Would You Fly?

My, this was a lesson well learned!

I innocently added a product called 'Bravenet' to by blog. This nifty little device allowed me to create surveys customised to my own design. So good so far...

Shame on Me...again! This little enticement was actually an open door for them to hawk their wares through a series of irritating and exasperating pop-ups! Again, it affirms the adage that nothing comes free. So I've removed the little nugget and bid it good riddance!

But the survey did have some interesting responses. Most people (67%) chose British Airways over the competition such as: American, Virgin, United, Delta, US Airways, Air India and Kuwait. I'm going to leave the survey parameters at the bottom of this page for anyone who is interested.

When organisations sell similar products, offer the same amenities, and provide the same conveniences, the formula narrows dramatically. What it boils down to is its people. Its' people are the company.

Isn't it a pity that so many companies lose track of this!
- - -

Completely daft and useless, but this past weekend we were talking about airlines and what makes people choose them.

Answers are quite predictable when it boils down to price or loyalty programmes and convenient times run a close third. But what happens when you remove those factors? What is it that makes someone decide who they will fly?

I have my own views, but I'd love to hear yours.

Now, who would you fly?



  • All flights are from Heathrow to New York JFK*
  • Aircraft is a Boeing 777 with a 2/4/2 configuration
  • Flights depart and arrive within 10 minutes of each other
  • The airfare is the same on all carriers
  • There is no chance for upgrades
  • No frequent flier status recognised, nor points awarded

*I realise not all these carriers fly from Heathrow. It's just a 'what if?'


I'm grateful to all the airlines that have helped me over the years. Each one has its own 'personality.' And I've always known that the image of an airline is not defined by the colours on its tail. It's the people who make the difference.

The future is here: This is the new First Class cabin of the Airbus A380. (Finally! Enough room to fit my bum!)


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