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Private Diary of A Priest. OK, so we're not all angels...Everyone needs a place to get things off their chest! And yes, I do talk to God about it all! Even He has a sense of humour! Want proof? Well, he made me, didn't He? Oh, one last thought-If you don't like what I've written, please keep in mind - it's MY diary. Go write your own!

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I've been serving children in crisis for over twenty five years. My goals are not to raise money, but to find organisations and individuals who can help change lives! What may be outdated equipment for you could change the life of a child in Eastern Europe! To learn more please visit our site at:


There's Icing On That Cake!

I love sharing information about Romania and Moldova and children in need. And I'm delighted to help people broaden their horizons.

In most instances the questions I receive are obviously well thought out and reflective of an individual or group who are striving to learn. But there is also a heavy dose of what I call the 'fruitcake brigade.'

Whilst I'm touched (I think) that they are showing compassion for people in need, the writers appear to have such a limited knowledge of the world around them that it is highly doubtful that they could find their own home country on a world map! Sound harsh? You'd understand if you read some of the mail I receive.

I don't know whether some comet has just skimmed the ionosphere of the earth or there has been a rash of sunspots that's affecting people's grey matter, but some of the emails I've received in the past ten days absolutely defy all logic: So much so, that I might need to continue on this subject for a day or so just to get it off of my chest!

My mother taught me to always be nice. I try. Honest! But there's a simple message I'd love to offer for people who have never travelled outside of their own country. The rule is simple: 'On your first trip, keep your eyes and ears open...and your mouth and passport shut!' At least, that way, you'll considerably lower your chances of being me!

And to the individual who keeps sending me all the quotations from Jerry Falwell's sermons, I'm still not convinced there's a satanic movement originating from the Orthodox Churches in Romania and Moldova, but thank you anyway!


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