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The Science of Faith

Several years ago dear friends of ours invited us to a ‘Star Picnic.’ Nestled high amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains, the resort they own and manage is at an altitude where there is no influence of city lights or smog to interfere with the spectacular display of the constellations. Adding to the pleasure, by design, the resort is conspicuously absent of televisions, telephones, radios, and any vestige of man made noise.

They prepared a wonderful banquet of summer fruits and vegetables from their garden. And with only a handful of blankets, we hopped aboard a golf cart and headed out to an open field. The horses didn’t seem to mind our intrusion and were actually haughtily disinterested by the fact there were humans invading their turf during the warm summer night.

It was just past nine and the setting sun had provided a kaleidoscope of colours. Amidst the sounds of crickets and a distant hooting owl, the infinite heavens surrounded us. The moon illuminated our alfresco dining and the flavours of sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, fried chicken, and potato salad - all seemed particularly intense.

As we rounded out the evening feast with fresh strawberries and cream, we settled back to watch the celestial panorama. Our chitchat faded away as each of us became mesmerised by the enormity of what lay before us.

Orion’s belt, the great lion Leo, the Virgo cluster: all performing their mythical obligations across the heavens. It stretched far beyond the bounds of our imagination and comprehension. And it reminded me of how infinitesimal we are in God’s universe.

But it also reminded me of where the science of evidence must come to an end and the enormity of faith must begin.

For centuries mankind has tried to come to terms with the Holy Trinity. How can God be three in one? Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Must we always demand that science provide proof before we accept? Is this what we require when someone tells us that they love us - ‘I might believe you, but I must have proof?’

Perhaps tonight you will go outside and look towards the heavens. It will be easy to accept what you can see. But what about what you cannot see? What lies beyond? How far does it go? How far can you comprehend? And once you’ve determined this, then ask yourself, what lies beyond that?

This is when we move from the science of evidence, to the sciences of faith. Just as with the Holy Trinity, perhaps you’ve only been able to see just so far. Now, ask yourself, what lies beyond even that?

Try faith.


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