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Dodging One Of God's Salvos

Don’t you just hate it when you hear something that makes you choke on a drink you’ve just put into your mouth? So was the case as I stood before the television listening to the morning news. I’ll have to learn to control myself better, but there are times when I hear things on telly that are so far-fetched, so outlandish, and egregiously inappropriate that my internal organs involuntarily constrict.

This time, it was a brief film clip of a well known, well respected, American religious leader, endorsing and evidently tacitly encouraging, someone in a high enough political position, to sanction a hit man style assassination of another political leader; In this instance, the president of Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez.

I was so stunned that I was unable to capture precisely all of what he was saying, other than the fact he was waxing lyrical over the fact that the US certainly had the wherewithal to accomplish such a task. It’s just that I had never envisaged Rev Robertson to be a Jihadist.

Apparently, the comment from the venerable gentleman was either a rerun or a rehash of the same comment he made sometime last year. I’m not entirely sure. It didn’t matter. It was the fact that a gentleman, who stands (I think?) as a beacon and model for Christian ethics could advocate such a thing.

Now, I must make it perfectly clear; I haven’t a clue what it was the Honourable President Chavez said to have infuriated the Venerable Rev. Robertson to such heights that he would openly talk about having another human being murdered. Perhaps it had something to do with oil? Who knows?

But I do have to wonder, is this what God would have wanted from one of His children? And is this in following with the Christian mantra ‘What would Jesus do?’ I certainly hope not. Perhaps it’s Rev. Robertson’s desire to move towards a theocratic or caesaropapist government. I wouldn’t care to guess. I’m just surprised, and yes, profoundly disappointed.

Our world is already deeply divided and sadly the abyss widens every day. Using provocative and potentially dangerous language can only serve to increase discord. But I do understand that sometimes, powerful messages such as these can be all that is required to get a point across.

The passing blip on the BBC had moved relatively far back into the cobwebs of my mind. And I’m reasonably certain that I would not have ever bothered to write about it; that is until just a few days ago.

It was announced last Friday that Rev. Robertson’s aeroplane crashed off the coast of New York. Sadly, as I understand it, two people lost their lives. Rev. Robertson was not on board.

And as I say, I do understand that sometimes, powerful messages such as these can be all that is required to get a point across.

Take heed Rev. Robertson, God does hear us!
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

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