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Très Doucement Caché

Oh how I wish I were making this up! Our friends at Yahoo-remember, they’re the ones (yes, ahead of Google in their attempts), who were first willing to compromise freedom of speech in order to get their feet into the door of China, ahead of anyone else, has banned…refused…rejected…and nullified an application by one Linda Callahan to use her own name for her email address. Why? Get this…within the composition of her surname someone who might be playing the game ‘find the hidden word’ could locate Callahan!

Now, whilst you might think this would be a moderate decision from a moderate organisation, desperately attempting to walk a tightrope of political correctness, unfortunately, Yahoo will happily accept the name of ‘Godoy,’ as in Manuel Godoy, the prime minister of Spain, who stuffed things up so badly for his people that it led to the abdication of Charles IV and the occupation of the country by Napoléon! Might I have the right to be upset or outraged? Oh, come on, get real!

And don’t forget the fact that it’s absolutely hunky dory for Yahoo to accept Jehovah, Buddha, Messiah, priest and paedophile, or any permutations thereof in an email address. But just try entering words that contain Osama, or bin Laden and you’ll find yourself at the mouth of an unsanitary tributary with an insufficient means of propulsion! ( if you get my drift?)

Let this be a caveat to anyone wishing to set up a Yahoo blog about a delicious yeast-leavened egg bread traditionally eaten by Jews on the Sabbath or other ceremonial occasions. Chalah or the variant ‘hallah’ is verboten! Verstehen Sie?

But if you’re a seamstress who wishes to educate generations to come, in the art of making rounded pleats on a ruffle, you're in luck! Our friends at Yahoo will have no problem in setting up an email for ‘godet.’

My goodness Yahoo, aren’t you the sly little demigods in today’s society! Oops! Am I allowed to say that?

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Blogger BELoved said...


I just wanted to say thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog. They came at just the right moment. Thanks.

On the subject of over exertion by some people who do not want to be percieved as offending certian groups, a similar thing has happened to me before. I was in a lecture at university when the lecturer, an educated and opinionated feminist was talking about the Bible. She sad "But it's all a bit pointless, because nobody pays attention to that outdated book anyway". It's one of my biggest regrets that I didn't say something to her quietly afterwards. But I also know that no one would have made such a remark about the Koran, or the Torah - it's seen as too sensitive.


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