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The Big Blue Screen

For anyone who has used a personal computer and particularly a laptop, I know you can easily identify with that deep guttural moan that emits from your throat when your screen turns blue; or in my case fuzzy white and then nothing but deep empty blue.

No matter what words of wisdom the operating system has offered, it all translates into one simple word, 'Oops!'

For many people the next reaction is sheer panic. Some get physical with their laptop. Others start hurling some rather unfair invectives towards Bill Gates. And then there are people like me, who simply want to crawl up beneath their desk and die!

For the past few months I’ve had a niggly little white blob growing in the upper right hand corner of my screen. Typically it’s corrected by simply replacing the screen…provided you have a couple of hundred pounds with which to do so!

But in my case, as the blob quickly began to go through its metamorphoses, growing to encompass the entire screen, I realised that if I wobbled the screen back and forth, it would ‘occasionally’ restore itself. And an hour or so later it would just die an even more spectacular death.

But I’ve now met my nemesis. Perhaps it came as a result of too much wobbling, but the screen finally died into the deep blue, telling me that it was now impossible to read from the main drive, whatever that means.

Off I scurried to visit the mind-numbingly nerdy yet brilliant computer genius at our local repair shop. He looks all of 12 years old and possesses a vocabulary of polysyllabic technical terms that could make the name of a Welsh town sound like a mere primal grunt! But whatever it was he said to me, all I heard was ‘blah blah blah, too expensive,’ and ‘blah blah blah, probably lost everything.’

These are not words you want to hear when you have years of sermons, funeral elegies, diaries, and a plethora of photos stored on your computer, which you haven’t had time to print or place somewhere else for safekeeping.

Currently my only consolation is that I have begun to master the mysteries of ‘blogging.’ Thanks to this new miracle of modern technology, I’ve been able to leave many of my random thoughts in this 'private' diary.

But the new challenge is finding time to get somewhere where I can sit down, collect my thoughts, and write. So, for my friends who have been ever so politely tolerating me over the past week, by allowing me to post my devotionals through their computers, you have my undying gratitude.

And for those who have stumbled upon this diary and seem to get delight from my rants and meandering thoughts, I do apologise, as I’m currently having a jolly difficult time in being able to write.

I become riddled with guilt when I’m using someone else’s computer and therefore I’m just trying to answer emails as quickly as possible.

Dear old laptop, you've fought a good battle.

And if there are any secret benefactors out there….


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Blogger Dwight (D4) said...

Father Bill -

Sorry to hear about your Computer News. We all have to learn the hard way about the importance of Backups. Maybe a new Laptop will have the DVD Resources needed to save your work more easily? I've been writing software or testing it since 1976 - and I still get burned by Windows! Regards.

Dwight - Mission Viejo, CA USA

Anonymous Lara and Steve Demekian said...

Well maybe Christmas will come early for you and Santa will send you a new laptop. We read all your blogs. Things you have said have made us return to church after 14 years of not going! I wish you were our minister back then. We needed to understand things better but no one ever explained things to us. We'll keep watching your blog and reading the anglican one now.

Anonymous Ivana Bartska said...

Hi! I like your stories. You help all of us so maybe someone will help you. If I have computer I would send to you! Friendly. Ivana Bartska


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