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I’m going to remind myself that this is ‘my’ place and I use it to say whatever jolly well comes into my mind. It's a place for me to let loose and let my hair down, piddle about with my hobbies, go off on some tangent if I want to, and even possibly use it as a barometer of how I’ve been feeling over time. I may not be politically correct, but then our innermost thoughts seldom are.

Well, the Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, has now admitted himself into hospital due to his ‘increasing dependence on alcohol.’ In an open letter to his diocese, Bp. Robinson says that he has been dealing with alcoholism for years and considers it ‘as a failure of will or discipline…rather than a disease over which his particular body has no control…’

I just want to know what was in the letter he wrote to his wife and children when he announced that he was homosexual? Well, actually, I don’t ever recall him stating that he was homosexual to anyone in the public either. As I recall, I think the euphemism bantered about was ‘gay.’

I wish Bp. Robinson well. I know it will be an uphill struggle. These things always are. Sadly, I’ve buried a lot of people who had drinking problems, among other things, but were never alcoholics.

But I am concerned about other people who have had their own challenges with alcoholism over the years, who looked to the venerable bishop as a beacon and as an example of what is and isn’t acceptable. Could this recent revelation have a negative impact on those people and drive them further away from the church? Some might say it could bring them closer. Who knows?


And please, Bishop Robinson, you randy headline grabber you, no more revelations! You’ve had your fifteen minutes!
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