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Microsoft, You Scallywags!

I’m a technical klutz and there isn’t much I can do about it, except keep trying. I have well burned tread marks in my settings slide when it comes to adjusting my security settings to allow, disallow, possibly allow, or don’t bother with those little cookie thingies.

So I guess I’m vulnerable to all sorts of stuff. But I’m strong. I’ve survived one of my neighbour’s courgette and lemon curd tarts, so I think I can handle most anything. Everything that is, except Microsoft.

According to ZD Net (‘where technology means business’), Microsoft is now going to offer to me, for a mere £49.95, the opportunity to 'protect' myself from all sorts of nasties that might find their way into my computer. Of course, the new software will be proudly included in every computer that comes off the shelf, but will last for a limited time only at no charge, then, once you feel safe and secure…BAM! The fear factor will hit you. It’s a bit like becoming lulled into a sense of warmth and community love and then the preacher hits you with the fire and brimstone bits!

But what gets up my nose is that these vulnerabilities are a result of glitches and faults in Microsoft’s own product!

Those scallywags!

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