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Tut Tut Looks Like Rain

My GP and I have this incredible love/hate relationship. It has lasted for years. We both love life and we both hate having to face one another when it involves serious issues!

A few years ago she asked me ‘Bill, what would you do if I said you were getting fat?’ ‘Easy,’ I responded, ‘I’d get a bigger doctor!’ And that was the end of that conversation. As I recall, our focus then drifted to which was our favourite doughnut at the Krispy Kreme shop in Harrods!

We both have such a high regard for life and for living that our visits always include discussions about a vast range of general world concerns. Consequently, whatever I may have come for becomes nothing more than a postscript. It’s just that we both seem to happily fuel off of one another and I’m as happy to see her as she is to see me.

Several years ago, we both agreed that if it ever came to having to talk about anything deeply serious, then we’d just talk about the weather instead. It was an off the cuff comment I made to her because she had just related to me what a terrible week she’d been through. I wanted to cheer her up.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I popped in this week to see her, when she looked at me and said ‘Tut, tut, looks like rain, Christopher Robin.’

Well done. I think she’ll go far!



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