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Gentle My Words With Wisdom

I’ve recently found myself experiencing extreme frustration over the way someone was caring for a disabled person. The carer is a lovely individual, and I know the love is there. But there are times when I'm left scratching my head when I see behaviours that contradict that love and dedicated care. At best, the carer, rather than helping, is making a complete mess of the problem at hand.

At bedtime I often randomly grab books and use them as ‘pot luck’ samplers to help me get to sleep and away from images that at times are too vivid to escape. I probably have a half-dozen books at any time stacked beside the bed. When I can’t sleep my hand will drop over to the edge of the bed and pull up what I call my ‘story du jour.’ Here's one from a monastic community of the 4th century:
Some monks came to Abba Poemon and asked, 'When we see a brother falling asleep during worship, should we rouse him so that he can attend to God?' The old man replied, 'Once when I was about to rouse brother Andreas in the church, God told me, Hold back! When I saw him dozing I let him rest his head on My knees.' 
We tend to think of discipline and gentleness as opposites. Yet I remember reading the story of Martha Berry, the founder of Berry College, showing the utmost tenderness for the children in her care. Jesus required discipline from His followers, sending them out with only the most basic possessions, and requiring them to cut out of their lives anything that might destroy their faith, yet He washed their feet and allowed His beloved disciple to lean his head on His breast. 
I'm particularly tempted by the delicious situation where someone who has annoyed me or is making a complete mess of something.
If today I puff myself up to deliver some harsh criticism for someone's own good, may I be reminded of the gentleness of God who let the dozy monk snooze on His knee.

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